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Welcome to Weed-Star! Ziggi Jacksons online shop for very special smokers supply and smoking devices of glass - in this Online-Headshop

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Bong of the week - Special offers only while stocks last
New Rolling Tools!
New Vaporizers!
The Weedstar WS-Line, now partly excessively reduced!
NewHeisenberg Bong for sale!The Black Skyler, black with silicone base
Neue, attraktive Köpfe von Heisenberg jetzt zu Kaufen im Shop
WS-Line Splatter glass bong by Weedstar
Heisenberg Beaker Bong in different colors
Steamroller pure pipe available on stpock again
Shoot! said the revolver bowl, that is finally back on stock
Purchase glass containers and jars back on stock!
WS-Grinders, Crushers, herb mills are finally back on stock in different colors and variations
Pollen Machine by Heisenberg

Weed-Star is THE headshop for stylish and high-quality smokers supply at a fair price. The only thing that is even more well-spaced than our assortment are our spaced out customers!

In addition to the high quality of our bongs, the main focus is on the design. Unusual and big, simple and small or maybe something completely different?

Our star designer Ziggi Jackson has something for everyone! New products appear on a regular basis, which will leave you speechless!

To make room for new creative ideas, Ziggi puts his older models at an unbeatable price in our Sales section, so it's worth for every bargain hunter to take a look there.

It is important to us that every customer can spice up his bong as he pleases in hindsight. That is why we offer additional bong equipment, such as different cups, pre-coolers and chillums.