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Heisenberg Grow-Set 2 for 4 plants, with 400W.

Heisenberg Grow-Set 2 for 4 plants, with 400W.
545,38 EUR
459,90 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Revocation and return information

You have the right to revoke your purchase contract  within 14 days without indication of reasons.  The 14 days time-limit starts with the day, when you or a third person who is assigned to receive the goods (and is not the carrier) have/has taken possession of the goods.

To exercise your revocation right, you have to inform us per unmistakable declaration about your decision to revoke the purchase contract.

To do this, you can use the linked Form of Revocation, but this is not striktly required.

Send this declaration to:

PCP-Trading GmbH
Theodor-Barth-Straße 30
28832 Achim

Fax: +49 (0)421 - 33 80 96 69

To comply with the deadline, it's enough to send the declaration about exercising your right of revocation before end-date.

Consequences of your revocation

If you're revoking a purchase contract, we have to pay back all charges that we have received from you, including delivery costs (ecxept of additional shipping costs that may have occured because of shipping modes different from the usually offered standard shipping), immediately and at least within 14 days of from the date, when your declaration has reached us. To pay back the charges we will use the same mode of payment that you have used, unless we haven't made differing agreements. In no way we will charge you extra costs concerning this transaction.
We only can disagree to refund the money untill we have received the return of the goods or untill you have given proove, that you have returned the goods - depending on which is the nearest point of time.

You have to return the goods immediately and at any rate within 14 days from the date, when you have informed us about your revokation of the purchase contract.

You have to pay for the regular costs of the reshipment, if the deliverd goods are conform to the ordered ones, and when the price of the reshipped goods is not higher than 40 Euros, or when the price is higher, but you haven't already payed for the goods or done a partly payment by the time of the revocation. In all other cases we won't charge you for the reshipment.

In case you can not at all or partly not return the received goods, or merely in degraded state, you have to pay according compensation for lost value. You only have to pay compensation for lost value, in case the decline by use resulted from handling the products, that exceeds testing properties and function. "Testing properties and function" means to test and try out something in a way you could usually do in a retail store.

In case of a revocation caused by a mistake of ours, for example if the delivered goods are not confirm to the order, we will restitute all reshipping costs, and we ship the right goods at our own expense.

In case you have receiving damaged or inoperable goods, we need evidence, normally per photograph and per e-mail. The time-limit to declare hidden loss in transit is 14 days. When your claim is entitled, we will restitute the price of the good, respectively replace the goods at our own costs. Reshipping damaged products to us is not necessar.

Please adress your claim to

PCP-Trading GmbH
Theodor-Barth-Straße 30
28832 Achim