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Twister Vaporizer
Twister Vaporizer
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Vaporizer – evaporate instead of smoking!

A vaporizer is a small technical marvel, which gently evaporates herbs or concentrates under high temperatures to release active components through evaporation instead of burning them through open flames or embers. The resulting smoke gives you the opportunity to have a cleaner and softer smoke experience, since less harmful substances like tar, nicotine or other condensates get in your lung, like it would happen with the combustion of tobacco or herbs, when you are smoking cigarettes.

Our vaporizers distinguish themselves due to their simple elegance, but we also provide vaporizers in our sortiment, that step out of line and proove themselves to be truely eyecatchers.

Aside from practical and mobile hand helds that get powered with the aid of high performance accumulators, we offer stationary vaporizers in our sortiment, too. The latter are even able to be used in combination glass bongs to evaporate herbs inside.

One vaporizer is not like another! One gadget – different ways of functioning:

Electric powered vaporizers usually give you the opportunity to control the emitted heat digitally or by means of an adjusting knob. The set heat temperature is reached with a heating gun or another obstucted heating element. For every passionate smoker the possibility to control the heat by oneself is essential. Depending on the properties of each plant you are planning to evaporate, the temperature level needs to be set correctly, so the essential oils can disengage and be able to unfold their effects.

The general modes of operation that we distinguish from each other are heat conduction and convection:

  • Conduction – All herbs are put in a metal bowl that is being heated. Due to the direct contact between the metal bowl and the herbs, the latter may get scorched. That is why this mode of operation is nowadays rarely used.
  • Convection – Almost every modern vaporizer works by that principle. In convection, a hot stream of air is passed directly through the herb mixture. The heat of the air flow can be generated by various components such as a halogen lamp, a ceramic or an aluminum element.