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Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W.

Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W.
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This Heisenberg Grow-Set No. 3 consists of:

- Heisenberg Grow Tent 120x120x200 WHITE (Art.No. 22233)
- Control Gear HORTI Compact 600W
(Art.No. 22241)
- Light Source OSRAM NAV-T Super 600W NSL (Art.No. 77452)
- Power Cord with plug, 3-wire 1.5mm, 1.5m long (Art.Nr. 22245)
- Power Cord, 3-wire 1.5mm, ca. 4m long
(Art.Nr. 22246)
- Hammered Reflector 47 x 47 cm (Art.No. 45187)
- Ufo-Van radial ventilator 360m³, 125mm (Art.No. 22237)
- Activated Carbon Filter PrimaKlima up tp 480m³, 125mm (Art.No. 93816)
- 3 x Combiflex ventilation pipe exhaust air hose for Ø 125mm, 1m (Art.No. 22242)
- 3 x Hose Clamp 60-135mm (Art.No. 22238)
- Rope Ratchet for up to 68kg, 2 pairs Art.No. 22230)
- 6 x Plant Pot of Cloth, 1 Gallon (Art.No. 22226)
- CANNA PK 13/14 Phosphorus-Potassium mixture, 500ml (Art.No. 57070)
- CANNA Terra Vega growth fertilizer, 1l (Art.No. 51412)
- HESI Blüh Complex
flowering fertilizer, 1l (Art.No. 50165)
- HESI Phosphor Plus, 1l (Art.No. 50226)
- HESI Wurzel Complex, root booster, 500ml (Art.No. 50028)

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Product no.: 33332

The Heisenberg Complete Set No. 3 with almost everything you need for cultivating plants indoors has been put together to make the first steps easier for beginners.
Due to the extensive components, however, it is also suitable for experienced growers, as the most important things come as a package from one source.

1. The Grow Tent: The big Heisenberg grow tent with the base dimensions of approx. 120x120cm and a height of approx. 200cm. The multi-layer fabric is 100% lightproof and consists of 210D polyester-canvas fabric on the outside and highly reflective white surface on the inside. The zips are also lightproof. The tent has:
4 vents with approx. Ø 20cm
1 roof outlet with approx. Ø 20cm
2 openings with approx. Ø 10cm
3 Airvents with insect screen
and an enclosed assembly instruction.
In the "WHITE" version of the growbox, the inside consists of white, highly reflective PE, which can reflect 98% of the light (PAR) onto the plants. The effect is higher yields.

2. The Lighting Set: The HORTI ballast with 600W power. To start sodium vapour lamps at all, a very high starting current is required. This can only be achieved with a ballast. HORTI ballasts are thermally fused, i.e. they switch off if they overheat. The mains cable must be connected via luster terminals. The OSRAM Nav-T Super sodium vapour lamp (NDL) is used as the light source, of course also with 600W. This lamp has a colour temperature of 2000K and a brightness of 90,000 lumens, which makes it the perfect lighting for plants in flower. The hammered reflector intensifies and diffuses the light that promotes flowering. It contains the E40 base for the lamp and 47x47 cm hammered, diffusingly reflective sheet metal.
3. Ventilation: The matching Ufo fan with a capacity of approx. 360m³ per hour draws the used air out of the growbox. An activated charcoal filter with a capacity of approx. 360m³, connected upstream by means of a Combiflex hose, prevents odour particles from being blown out with the air through the exhaust air opening in the tent. The supplied hose clamps are used to attach the hose ends to the equipment. Fresh, non-overheated air is just as important for successful installation as the water supply.

4. The Cultivation: You will receive 6 plant pots in this set. They are made of tissue and allow vital oxygen to reach the roots unhindered. They can be washed and reused several times and are made of recycled textile material in an environmentally friendly way. The capacity of one gallon of contents corresponds to just under 4 litres of soil or substrate. In addition, there are various essential fertilizers and plant boosters that enable a fast, rich grow success. You must inform yourself about the amount and time of application using the appropriate tables.

Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W. Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W. Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W. Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W.

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