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Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W.

Heisenberg Grow-Set 3 for 6 plants, with 600W.
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511,91 EUR

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Information about electrical and electronical devices

Electrical and electronical devices

1. Notes about the desposal of electronic and electronical devices and about the meaning of the symbol according to attachment 3 of the WEEE:

Owners of waste electronic equipment have to dispose it seperate from unsorted domestic waste.

Electrical and electronical are not allowed to be disposed as unsorted domestic waste and especially not as normal household garbage. In fact these waste devices must be collected seperately and have to be disposed in a local recyceling station.

Old batteries and old akkumulators have to be seperated from the electrical device before the disposal in the recyceling station, if they are not covered by the device.

By means of the Symbol according to attachment 3 of the WEEE, owners of waste devices can recognize those electrical and electronical devices, which they must not dispose with the unsorted domestic waste. The symbol for seperating electrical and electronical waste shows a crossed litter bin on wheels and looks as follows:

Symbol of - Do not throw appliances in household waste

2. Notes about the possibilies to return waste devices:

To make sure, electrical and electronical waste devices are disposed according to the law, owners can hand these waste devices over to official recyceling companies or public collecting points. When idicated, there might be a possibility to dispose the old electrical devices in order to recycle them.