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Octopus - Weedjar Glass Bin

Octopus - Weedjar Glass Bin
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  • SANDBLASTED MOTIVE - The Sandblasted motive on the glass makes the jar become to something very special! 
  • WITH CLOSING CORK - You can close the content airtight with the in the delivery included cork. This effects that flavors cant get in and the flavors from your plants, spices or herbs cant get out.
  • SOLID AND MODERN DESIGN - The glass of this jar is because of the wall thickness very solid. In combination with the polished and round design flatters it every hand. 


Height: ca. 8.5 cm
Diameter: ca. 4.5 cm
Perimeter: ca. 16 cm
Wall thickness: - Rim 0.5 cm
                           - Glass 0.25 cm

Propene thickness: ca. 2.3 cm
Volume: 135 ml

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Product no.: 10025

The Weedjar "Octopus" consist out an sandblasted motive and text. The Jar has an handily format and is perfect for storing dried herbs, pills or other small parts like paperclips or thumbtacks. The in the delivery included cork fits perfect on the jar and closes it airtight. The Airtight closing of the jar effects that the flavors stay much longer in your herbs.

This product is compatible with:

29.2>29.2 HQ Slithole Diffuser 12.5cm

29.2>29.2 HQ Slithole Diffuser 12.5cm

Technical data:
29.2>29.2 HQ Slithole Diffuser 12.5cm

Joint size: 29.2 > 29.2
Male ground joint: 29.2 mm
Female ground joint: 29.2 mm
Length: ca. 12.5cm
Diffuser: Slithole diffuser

The length is always specified from the upper edge of the ground joint.

12,57 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Organic Hemp Slim Cones OCB, 3-pack

Organic Hemp Slim Cones OCB, 3-pack

3 prerolled cones by OCB with plastic stodgers

Length: ca. 11cm

Made of 100% bologic hemp fibre, unbleached

1,90 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Champ High Beach Grinder with Storage

Champ High Beach Grinder with Storage

3-pcs handmill
grinder for a big volume

Diameter: ca. 4cm
Height: ca. 9cm

Available in different colors

from 2,83 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
WS Big One with window

WS Big One with window "Silver"

  • ALLROUNDER - This grinder is not only able to chop tobacco its also perfect for chopping plantparts and herbs.
  • DURABLE AND SHARP - This 4-parted herb mill is made of high quality polished aluminum. It has on the top and bottom sharp teeths which are able to chop your tobacco and herbs perfect. The Magnets in the first chamber provide the content from falling out while grinding. 
  • SMALL AND MODERN - With an diameter of 6cm and an height of 5cm is the grinder perfect to take it with you. The modern colors in combination with the polished surface make the grinder look very good. 
  • A LOT OF SPACE – Die Kräuter gelangen direkt nach dem Mahlen durch ein Sieb in ein Kräuterfach, welches viel Platz bietet. Dies erspart Ihnen das Mehrmalige leeren des Faches.
  • A LOT OF SPACE - The herbs attain after chopping through an sieve in an herb storage which has a lot of space. This prevents you from clearing the storage oftener than necessary.
  • PERFECT RESULTS - Just put the dryed herbs in the grinder, turn it a few times, finish! With this herb mill is chopping your plant parts and tobacco easier than ever!

15,50 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
T-Shirt Heisenberg

T-Shirt Heisenberg "HNBG Molecule"

For all Heisenberg fans!

Great black Fruit of the Loom t-shirt with round neck and with white imprint.

Available in:

from 19,40 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

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