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I love THC - Weedjar Glass Bin

I love THC - Weedjar Glass Bin
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  • SANDBLASTED MOTIVE - The Sandblasted motive on the glass makes the jar become to something very special! 
  • WITH CLOSING CORK - You can close the content airtight with the in the delivery included cork. This effects that flavors cant get in and the flavors from your plants, spices or herbs cant get out.
  • SOLID AND MODERN DESIGN - The glass of this jar is because of the wall thickness very solid. In combination with the polished and round design flatters it every hand. 


Height: ca. 8.5 cm
Diameter: ca. 4.5 cm
Perimeter: ca. 16 cm
Wall thickness: - Rim 0.5 cm
                           - Glass 0.25 cm

Propene thickness: ca. 2.3 cm
Volume: 135 ml

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Product no.: 10022

The Weedjar "I love THC" consist out an sandblasted text. The Jar has an handily format and is perfect for storing dried herbs, pills or other small parts like paperclips or thumbtacks. The in the delivery included cork fits perfect on the jar and closes it airtight. The Airtight closing of the jar effects that the flavors stay much longer in your herbs.

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