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Electronic Control Gear ETI for HPS & MH, fused, 400W
Electronic Control Gear ETI for HPS & MH, fused, 400W
51,57 EUR
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Plant light for lighting grow boxes and greenhouses

Choosing the right plant light is crucial for successful indoor growing. Only this way successful plant cultivation can take place in enclosed spaces under artificial light. The only rule: light does not equal light! Depending on the composition of wavelengths, there are different light colors that are more or less conducive for the development of the different growth stages of plants. There are plant lights with individual color composition for the germination phase, growth phase and the flowering phase. In addition to choosing the right bulb, it is up to you to decide which type of lighting system you would like to install.

You have the choice between two variants to equip your grow tent:

  • The cultivation classic: Consisting of sodium vapor lamps or other high-pressure gas discharge lamps in combination with a matching ballast and reflector sheets this is the mother of all plant lighting systems.
  • The modern growlamp: LED modules that emit all necessary light colors in form of spotlights or illuminated panels or are even equipped with a switch that can be used to set the light color manually as required.