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29.2>18.8 Slithole Diffusor Downstem 13cm

29.2>18.8 Slithole Diffusor Downstem 13cm
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Technical data:
29.2>18.8 Slithole Diffuser 13cm:

Joint size: 29.2 > 18.8
Male ground joint: 29.2 mm
Female ground joint: 18.8 mm
Length: ca. 13cm
Diffuser: Slithole diffuser

The length is always specified from the upper edge of the ground joint.

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Product no.: 44034

The slits at the end of the diffusor downstem by Weedstar do swirl the smoke , what makes the smoke cool and smooth. The smoking experience thus becomes more enjoyable and more intense.

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Height: ca. 8.5 cm
Diameter: ca. 4.5 cm
Perimeter: ca. 16 cm
Wall thickness: - Rim 0.5 cm
                           - Glass 0.25 cm

Propene thickness: ca. 2.3 cm
Volume: 135 ml

6,90 EUR (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

This product is compatible with:

Slide adapter 18.8 > 14.5

Slide adapter 18.8 > 14.5

The Slide adapter 18.8  > 14.5 by Weed-Star

Ground joint: 18.8 male to 14.5 male
Entire height: ca. 7 cm

4,50 EUR (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

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