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Double Bubble Bong 3.0 with Bowl

Double Bubble Bong 3.0 with Bowl
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Here the technical data:

Double Bubble 3.0 Bong von Weed-Star

Height: 29cm
Cut: 29,2mm Bistabil
Wallthickness: 5mm
Downstem: 29,2<18,8mm
Circulator-Diffusor (~19cm)
Bowl: 18,8mm Heisenberg Standardbowl

45,90 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Product no.: 42669

Opinions are devided over the Double Bubble Bong. Some say, it's a bong, some say it's a bubbler. However, the Double Bubble Bong is a very special waterpipe with two perculators in two cooling chambers. In the first cooling chamber, there is a 29.2er cut with a diffusor chillum, that has a 29.32 to 18.8er cut and an included 18.8er Heisenberg standard slide. To swirl the smoke even milder and more suitable, a second perculator has been installed into the second colling chamber. This one is in charge of making the smoke enjoyable by perfect compression. And it does a good job. Due to its ergonomical shape, the Double Bubble Bong by Weed-Star lies well in hand and is - thank to the thick glass walls - very solid.

Cleaning the Double Bubble Bong, as well, is not hard to do. It's easy with a bit of our liquid cleaning agent "Grasklar". Fill half a spoonfull of "Grasklar" and a bit of hot water through the cut jacket into the glassbong. After closing the cut section with a tissue or a stopper, fill one more spoonful of powder and some more boiling hot water through the mouthpiece into the glassbong. Grab the device witha dishcloth (cause it's hot) and shake the Double Bubble Bong. Then rinse with clear water and then you can use it again.

Double Bubble Bong 3.0 with Bowl Double Bubble Bong 3.0 with Bowl

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