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Old School Color-Line

Old School Color-Line
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Old School Color-Line Glassbong by Heisenberg

Height: ca. 56cm
Cut: 18.8 mm
Diameter Tube:
ca. 50mm
Wall thickness tube: ca. 5mm
Base diameter:
Bowl: 18.8 mm WS-Bowl

Perculator: Double-Disc with 3 colored Honeycombs
Icenotches: 3-Colored
Carbhole: No

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Product no.: 93083

With the Old School Glassbong by Heisenberg a piece of history is coming back to your home. Because the writing of the Old School is as "oldschool" as it is. It is a bong, of the Color-Line, and so the colored aspects don't get a raw deal. For example the HEISENBERG-writing has a color gradient of blue, yellow and green, but the special eye-catchers are the three colored ice notches and the red, the green and the blue honeycomb disc, giving the bong its icing on the cake.

To provide an optimal joy of smoking, we have designed a 5mm thick and 56cm tall bong for you, that is brimming over with percolation. At first the smoke goes through a double-disc, that then fades into a fix installed cut. Here, the smoke gets prepared for the not 1, not 2, but 3(!) Honeycombs and experiences its first cleaning procedure. The three Honeycomb diffusor disc, lying upon each others and following directly after the Double-Disc are producing uncountable bubbles like crazy, and that is the reason for optimal diffusion and joyful taste. You can drag at it without a limit, you won't get splashing water into your face. Anyway, regarding its size, the Old School Color-Line bong is a very mild smoking device, that won't kill your lungs. So: a comfortable device for the oldschool smokers amongst you. :-)

Old School Color-Line Old School Color-Line Old School Color-Line Old School Color-Line Old School Color-Line Old School Color-Line

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