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Technical data:
Remax White-Line glassbong by Weed-Star

Height: ca. 30 cm
Ground joint: 14.5 male
Diameter of chambers: ca. 5 cm
Bowl: 14.5 Oil slide with needle, female
Percolator: None
Ice notches: No
Carb hole: No
Tube diameter: ca. 1.5 - 2 cm
Round base diameter: ca. 10.5 cm

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Product no.: 44160

Treat yourself to the Weed-Star Remax - a dab rig with recycle function! Recycle because excess water drawn up from the lower chamber during inhalation is returned to the lower water chamber via a drain without spraying up to the mouthpiece.

How to use the Remax

  • First you fill so much water into the lower chamber until the end of the chillum is under water.
  • Take off the glass dome.
  • Use a Jet Flame lighter to heat the glass nail until it starts to glow.
  • Carefully put the dome back on.
  • Take a dabber to apply some concentrate or wax on the glass nail and start inhaling as soon as it starts to evaporate.

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Remax Remax Remax

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