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The White-Line by Weed-Star – modern and creative bongs

White stands for clarity, freshness and innocence. - A really interesting idea to unite this with bongs, right?

The White-line bongs by Weed-Star are perfect for every smoker who likes modern designs. Attractive black in combination with clear white, which is silhouetted against the glass, give you the opportunity to enhance your smoking experience visually as well.

Some of our White-line bongs become eye-catchers due to their cool printed patterns in combination with cartridges on the back of the bong, that are cloned from black glass.

But even in terms of price you can not complain about these bongs, rather many a customer falls from faith, if we reduce these pieces of jewelry even more!

The dab rigs are available in the form of modern and creative designed straight, angled or custom bongs.