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Strucker WS-Line Bong Set
Strucker WS-Line Bong Set
74,50 EUR
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BONG SETS | For beginners and bargain hunters

There is the right bong for every Weed-Star lover. We even offer you those in set form. Our bong sets come with a Weed-Star glass bong and matching accessories. Order your Weed-Star Bong Set today! This saves you the search for suitable accessories while you also benefit from the set discount.

Each set we put together exclusively for you. In addition to a glass bong designed by us, you will receive bong accessories such as spare bowls or pre-coolers, general accessories such as lighters and grinders, and cleaning products to keep the bong clean after the run of a smoker's session. In some cases, fan merchandise is also included, so you can show the world your love for Weed-Star.