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12-Arm Precooler 29.2

12-Arm Precooler 29.2
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12 Arm Precooler 29.2 by Weed-Star.

Height: ca. 18cm
Cut: 29.2>29.2 mm
Wallthickness: ca. 5mm
Diameter: ca. 74mm

Percolator: 12 Arm Chamber

34,90 EUR

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Product no.: 42699
12-Arm Precooler 29.2 12-Arm Precooler 29.2

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The 29.2mm 12- arm precooler by Weedstar. Massive and monstrous, with his 12 arm chamber, this precooler is a king in the 29.2er pre-cooler series.
When you're using a 12 arm slit-hole diffusor like this, you wether need the lungs of an elefant, or a really, really good draft. The elefant-lungs, though, is what you would have to provide for yourself, and we are making sure, you have a good draft, with the 29.2 er cut.

Fill some water into, plug the Weed-Star precooler directly on the chillum of your dlassbong and the slide into the precooler. Now, while your enjoying it, the 12 Arm Precooler will not only swirl and twirl the smoke, but also filter particles of dirt and ashes. That means: Clean the smoke. That's why a precooler often is also called an "ashcatcher".

This product is compatible with:

Messias Illusion Double Perc 29,2

Messias Illusion Double Perc 29,2

Here is the technical data:
WS Messias Illusion Double Perc Glassbong by Weed-Star.

Size: 55 cm
0,2 inches
Glass Thickness: 0,2 inches
Joint Size: 1.15 inches
Tube: 29,2 >29,2mm diffuser-downstem and a 29,2mm WSP Standard Pure-Bowl
Ice Notches: Yes

Carb Hole: No

119,90 EUR (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Bazooka Red-Line

Bazooka Red-Line

Here the technical data:

Bazooka Glasbong von Weed-Star.

Height: 50 cm
Cut: 29,2 mm
Glassthickness: 4 mm
Diameter: 75 mm
Downstem: 29,2>29,2 mm Slithole-Diffuser
Bowl: 29,2 m
Carb Hole: Yes
Ice Notches: No

54,95 EUR (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 12 September, 2011.

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