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Messias Illusion Single Perc 18,8

Messias Illusion Single Perc 18,8
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Here is the technical data:
WS Messias Illusion Single Perc Glassbong by Weed-Star.

Size: 50cm
Diameter: 50mm
Glass Thickness: 5mm
Joint Size: 18.8 bi-stabil

Tube:18.8 >18.8mm diffuser-downstem and a 18.8mm WSP Standard-Pure-Bowl
Percolator: 5-Arm-Perc
Ice Notches: Yes
Carb Hole: No

79,90 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Product no.: 42654
Messias Illusion Single Perc 18,8 Messias Illusion Single Perc 18,8 Messias Illusion Single Perc 18,8 Messias Illusion Single Perc 18,8

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The Messias Illusion Single Perc Bong has got fantastic extras like for instance the glass bubbles at the upper part, diffusor clutch, bi-stable cut or the white color enclosures at the mouthpiece. The Messias Illusion Single Perc has got ice notches in the middle of the glass tube as well as a diffusor chamber right underneath it, which has 5 swirling arms, the so-called perculators. This cooling system fulfills all, that an ambitious smoker, who loves glass-art, can wish. The Messias Illusion Single Perc is something like the little sister of the Double Perc 29.2 bong, but, of course, should not be underestimated. It provides a volume huge enough to give you the knockout punch.

Now you might think of how to clean the Messias Illusion Single Perc 18.8 glassbong? But you don't have to worry, because you simply have to give a teaspoon full of "Schmand Weg" cleaning powder through the cut jacket into the bong, fill a little bit of hot water in, and than close the holes (carb hole and cut jacket) with a tissue or a glass stopper.  Now add another teaspoon ful of cleaning powder from above and fill some more boiling hot water into the glass tube. Hold the glass with a dishcloth or similar as protection against the heat, and shake the smoking device well.
Now rinse well and take off to the next IGNITION!


This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 20 April, 2009.

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